Mrs Catherine LATAPIE

Born in 1820

Lived in Loubajac, near to Lourdes. Cured 1st. March 1858 in her 39th year.

Miracle on 18th. January 1862, by Mgr Laurence, Bishop of Tarbes.

This was the first cure. The date is unquestionable.

At the time of the Apparitions, Catherine LATAPIE lived at Loubajac, a few kilometres from Lourdes. She had injured her right hand after a fall from a tree, in October 1856; in addition, she was at the end of her third(?) pregnancy.

This accident caused a subluxation of the humerus, which was easily reducible, but owing to the traumatic stretching of the brachial plexus, she was left with an ulnar type of paralysis. She could not use the last two fingers of her right hand, which were held in typical palmar flexion.
During the night between the 28th. February and the 1st. March, 1858, Catherine LATAPIE was moved by a sudden impulse . She rose at three in the morning, woke her young children and set off for Lourdes.

Arriving there at dawn, she met Bernadette, went to the Grotto and knelt down to pray. Then with all simplicity, she bathed her hand in the little hollow which had already collected water from the Spring.

Straightaway her fingers returned to normal. They had regained their movements and suppleness. She could flex and extend them with the same facility as she could before the accident.

With haste she returned home, and the same evening--(it is this detail which enables us to be sure of the date of the cure)--she gave birth to her third child. He was ordained a priest in 1882.

In his report for Mgr Laurence, Prof. Vergez classed this case amongst the cures "presenting a supernatural character".



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