Marie MABILLE, Born in1855

Cured 21.8.1883, in her 29th. year. Miracle on 30.8.1908, by Mgr Philippe
Meunier, Bishop of Evreux.

This is an outstanding cure because the clinical account of the former illness was perfectly established, due to its long duration and the number and competence of the doctors who looked after her.

In 1877, when 22 years of age, she developed an abscess, almost certainly from the appendix, which in those days could not be cured.

Two years later, evidence of peritonitis and bilateral phlebitis appeared. In 1880, she was seen by the famous Prof. Pean in Paris. His opinion was that surgery was quite inappropriate in this case of "longstanding chronic infection in the right iliac fossa, with vesical and colonic fistulae".

Between 1880 and 1883, all therapeutic measures were ineffective, and her general state of ill-health only made things worse.

Although at death's door, Sister EUGENIA departed for Lourdes in August 1883.

Having left on the 17th. she reached there on the 21st., and on arrival was taken to the Grotto where she received Holy Communion and sensed some relief.

But it was in the afternoon at the Baths that Sister felt cured. She came out on her own and from that moment all signs of her illness vanished. She could walk at the first attempt and took food. On returning to her Community, she resumed work... and followed the Rule, something she had not been able to do for 5 years.

The doctors who had the opportunity to examine her (in particular Dr. Dunot de St Maclou who had founded the M.B.V. that year and followed her case after the cure) have written an extremely competent account, leaving nothing vague or equivocal, which proved the case and could have been written today, a century later.

There was no change in her florishing state of health throughout the next 24 years, the interval between the time of the cure and its recognition as miraculous by her Bishop, the Bishop of Evreux.



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