nee Anne JOURDAIN, born on 5.8.1854, in Le Havre

Cured on 8/21/1890, in her 36th year. Miracle on 10/10/1908, by Mgr Marie Jean Douais, Bishop of Beauvais.

Here is another cure of "tuberculosis with gross apical lesions" which occurred in a young woman, born into a family where this disease had caused the deaths of two sisters and one brother.

Ill for a long time, she was moribund by July 1890. Under obedience, she agreed to go on pilgrimage to Lourdes, against the advice of her doctor.

The journey with the National Pilgrimage was plagued with haemoptysis. Sr JOSEPHINE MARIE arrived on the 20th August, and straightaway was plunged into the Baths.

It was the next day, 21st August, after a second or possibly a third immersion that she felt infinitely better and could announce her cure.

The doctor who had opposed her departure for Lourdes, saw her again on the 28th, after she had returned to her Community, and issued a certificate stating that the disease had completely disappeared.

Since then Sr JOSEPHINE MARIE resumed an active life in her Convent and had no further need for the doctor.

The Canonical judgment recognizing the miraculous character of this cure, was given by the Bishop of Beauvais. It was supported by the medical investigation at the M.B.V. in 1890, and confirmed by an X-ray 28 years afterwards.

It established that this cure "complete, lasting, instantaneous and obtained without any form of human help" must be considered as a miracle.





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