Born in Lourdes on 28.7.1856, and lived there.

Cured at the beginning of July 1858 at the age of 2 years.

Miracle on 18th January 1862, by Mgr Laurence, Bishop of Tarbes. (Orthography and full chronological details established by Frs. Laurentin and Billet, cf. "Lourdes, Documents Authentiques" Volume V. P. 137-139). This cure is a delightful story to tell!

Without any doubt whatever, this young boy had been ill frequently since birth. As a result by the age of 2 years, he showed a great failure to thrive, had never walked, was considered a hopeless case. In fact, for quite a long time, he was looked upon as having a "miserable constitution"... as being a puny and disabled little boy.

At that time he was dying from "consumption" of which his parents were the first to be aware.

One day, his mother, while watching Justin languish because nothing useful could be done for him, in desperation made up her mind to take him to the Grotto in the late afternoon, to implore help from the Blessed Virgin, despite the notices which prohibited the general public from going there. On arrival, with the child in her arms and surrounded by a crowd of curious onlookers, she prayed for a few moments in front of the Rock. Then she decided to bathe the moribund child in the hollow recently dug by labourers. Those around shouted, protested and tried to refrain her from "killing her child!"

After a while, which inevitably seemed terribly long, she lifted the child out and returned home, carrying her son. When she arrived, Justin was still breathing feebly, but slept peacefully; while those present feared the worst, his mother alone was more than ever convinced that the Virgin would cure him! In the days which followed with no further sign of a threat to his life. Justin very quickly recovered, and walked! Back to normal, he grew up and reached adulthood. Before dying in 1935, he attended the Canonization of Bernadette in Rome on 12.8.1933.

Concerning this cure, doctors Dozous, Vergez, and also Dr. Peyrus, who had treated him, could see nothing else than the almighty power of God.




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