Marie Moreau

Born in 1841.

Lived in Tartas (Landes). Cured on 9.11.1858, when nearly 17 years old. Miracle on 18th January 1862, by Mgr Laurence, Bishop of Tarbes.

The first cure "far away from Lourdes"!

At the beginning of 1858, when Marie was 16 years of age, she contracted an inflammatory disease of the eyes.

Despite the remedies tried, this condition led to a severe degree of visual impairment, bordering on blindness.

After her father heard of Mrs Rizan's cure, he decided to go to Lourdes to get some water from the Grotto.

On the 8th. November,1858, the family started a novena of prayers. In the evening, the young girl soaked a bandage with Lourdes' water, and tied it over her eyes.

The next morning, 9th. November, at the moment Marie removed the bandage, she was aware that her sight was fully restored.

She resumed her studies at Bordeaux, where she had had to abandon them 2 years previously. Afterwards she lived and married at Aire-sur-Adour.




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