Joachime Dehant

Born in 1849 in Velaine/s/Sambre

Lived in Gesves (Belgium). Cured 13.9.1878, in her 29th year. Miracle on 25.4.1908, by Mgr Thomas Louis Heylen, Bishop of Namur.

The cure is the oldest one recognised later on as miraculous in Lourdes, of a "non-native""... a sick-pilgrim from abroad.

Joachime was 29 years old when she arrived there on the evening of 12.9.1878, with an oozing and gangrenous ulcer on her right leg. This ulcer covered two thirds of the surface of the side of the leg, and what was even more serious was its depth, which led to a permanent
contraction of the muscles, causing a club foot.

The lesion was at least ten years old, and owing to this affection which no treatment could cure, her general state of health was very grave. The next day, the 13th, she took baths during the morning, her leg wrapped in bandages.

After the second, there was no trace of the ulcer. The flesh and the tendons had virtually become normal again, and the skin was new and rose-coloured. And after another bath later on, her foot returned to its normal position.

For thirty years her health remained excellent and was confirmed by another medical check. The Bishop of Namur accepted the verdict of the Commission which he had set up, and on the 25.4.1908, proclaimed that this miraculous cure must "be attributed to the powerful and efficacious intervention of Our Lady of Lourdes".





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